#8 The Compost Dalek

The compost bin is extremely eco-friendly – it causes you to waste nothing. Vegetable peelings, fruit peelings, any salad gone mouldy in the fridge; as well as weeds and pruned twigs from gardening – all of it gets chucked into the compost bin.

How to make compost:

  • Try to incorporate both soft veg. and woody sticks – this allows air to enter the compost
  • Avoid putting onions or citrus fruit peel in the compost – it will kill it
  • Put composting powder in to get the decomposition going
  • Remember who your friends are when composting: slugs, worms and woodlice – welcome them into your bin
  • Do not put old bread or you will get mice – this is bad news as they will run into the house

The home-made compost is excellent for filling up pots for plants whether bulbs or roses, herbs or bedding plants.

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