Clare in 2020

I am a woman weak in body strong in spirit.  Because this is the case I’ve devised ways of staying healthy.  What I have to work with has been unpromising.  As a child I had a long-term illness and was not expected to reach adulthood.  But I have become much healthier in later life – my hobbies are now walking, cycling, dancing and paddle boarding.  I attribute much of this improvement to wise decisions concerning diet, exercise and avoidance of most medications.  Life is about choices.  Wise choices greatly improve the quality of life both in the short term and long term.

I advocate a sensible diet, free of synthetic chemicals if possible.  Everything in moderation.  Seasonal food if possible.  Get enough sleep.

I try to avoid any medications if possible, and do natural remedies instead – although you do have to be wary of these as well.  As I mentioned earlier, health has been a big problem for me. As a child I was given penicillin antibiotics for 6 years which turned me into a medical celebrity for all the wrong reasons.  I had chronic osteomyelitis in the left leg from age one.  I’ve been told at least five times in my life that I will not be able to walk again.  It is true I cannot run at all, but I can walk over 10 miles – so I’ve proved all the doctors wrong which is satisfying.  Also I’ve been blessed with the joy of learning to walk several times instead of once like most people.

I’ve lived in France and ate what French people eat – that is a balanced ‘Mediterranean Diet’.  I’ve also lived in Chile and ate what Chileans eat – that is traditional food – a certain type of wholesome food on each day of the week depending on market day eg. fish day was market day because fish was sold on one of the stalls.  I got back to England 20 years ago and found that here you choose what you are going to eat as an individual choice – quite a novelty.  Also, a headache involving choice.  So many avenues are available and supermarket aisles – you don’t always know which one to take.  This got me thinking about diet and my own need of improving mine.

My qualifications for writing this website are that I went to university to study biology and did a year of biology and environmental biology, though I subsequently changed my course to anthropology and sociology for my BSc Hons degree in 1984.  What university actually does is teach you to think, and this has to be done independently.

My message is that we should be aware of the damage that can be done by chemicals used as food or put in drinks; the damage done to health by some medications taken in the misguided pursuit of treatments; and the damage done to the environment by chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides used to grow our food.

Become wise, at least with the inputs into your own body, even if you can’t change everything out there.