#11 How to Green-Up a Piece of Bare Concrete

Eco-patio summary of posts
  1. Plant pots, pots hidden inside old chimney stacks and hanging baskets
  • Any container with 1-3 holes drilled in the bottom will do.
  • Plants do like pottery pots that their roots can adhere to more than other pots.
  • You have to keep on watering them in the summer as rain fall does not fill pots with enough water.

This years must-have petunias. You have to get surfina trailing ones remember.

2. Trees in wheelly bins

Trees that grew out of fruit stones (and so cost nothing) planted in soot and rubble in old wheelly bins. Planted with irises that have done quite well.

  • The trees will be bonsai and never grow into full-grown trees. They will only bear decorative amounts of fruit.
  • Having trees on wheels, with no roots in the ground, allows you to locate the trees just outside the window so you look out through leaves.
  • Mine have been planted in wheelly bins for 9 years. They sometimes get scale bugs on them now as they have become root bound probably, so I may have to start again somehow sometime.

3. Holes drilled in the concrete about 10 cm across

The flowers planted in these are very happy and the berry bushes seem promising.

  • These plants don’t need watering or at least not much, as there is water beneath the concrete.
  • The roots of these plants are protected from heat during the summer – so it is good for the clematis and other such plants.
  • The bare bleak concrete is now blooming and made green by laying AstroTurf which gives a pleasing effect at low maintenance and low cost.

4. Plug holes drilled in natural stones

  • Drill 3 cm holes in old stones.
  • Plug with small outdoor succulent plants such stonecrop or the cabbage-shaped one.
  • It has to be rainy enough to get them started, giving them time to get their roots into the stone.
Outdoor succulent plant

5. Many of my plants just seeded themselves

I let them decide where to locate themselves, then I pick the pot up and move it somewhere else so I can see the flowers from out of the window.