#6 The Rhubarb Went Mad

I thought I’d give rhubarb a go, even though I’m not a crumble-maker.

I swear that when I pushed the rhubarb root and shoot into its hole it was tiny. I wasn’t sure how happy it would be. I needn’t have worried – it became a monster. I didn’t know what to do with so much of it – in the end I gave armfuls of rhubarb away.

I got back to making jam and made rhubarb and root ginger jam. This is the recipe:

I couldn’t find the recipe because the truth of the matter is that I just threw all the ingredients in. Large pan:

Rhubarb stalks cut into pieces – lots

Root ginger cut into small pieces – plenty

Cane sugar – at least two bags of a kilo each

Boil it, while watching it, and stirring it, until it stops coming up so much as froth. When it boils without frothing a lot it’s ready.

Ladle into clean jars almost up to the top, and seal the lids tight while it is still hot.

After an hour or so you will hear popping – this means the jars are sealed and airtight. It means that you can keep this jam for a year or more.

Tip: If you use cane sugar and not beet sugar for jam-making, the jam will not go mouldy so long as the jars are sealed properly while the jam is hot.